See what my students are saying about their experience.

I have taken a number of golf lessons over the years, but Gary’s approach to teaching has worked the best for me (and my wife). He takes the time to understand each student individually and then he tailors the drills and explanations of the swing to make sure he connects with how the student thinks. Having been a PGA pro for many years, it seems he has a never ending library of new drills and techniques to help get your swing on track. Gary takes a systematic approach to adjusting your swing gradually to meet your goals rather than trying to change your swing dramatically at once. Best of all his teaching style makes the lessons fun after a long day at work. I have recommended him past and would recommend him to any skill level from the low handicap to the beginner.
— Anthony Addessi
With a family and a busy full-time profession, it’s essential that time spent on golf lessons translates into immediate progress on the golf course. Over the eight years that I have worked with Gary, I have always felt that he is able to quickly diagnose any swing imperfections and provide useful feedback that results in lower scores, and a much more enjoyable experience on the golf course. His feedback is easy to understand, and he has a deep understanding of all aspects of the game, including the full swing, putting, and a sound mental approach to the game. I would recommend him to a golfer at any level, as he has helped me progress from a beginner, to a sound player on any golf course.
— Nick
I have a busy schedule running my business and many other activities so golf is recreational for me, Gary recognizes this and is able to help me improve my game while keeping it fun and simple, I like his teaching so much I have some of my family taking lessons from Gary.
— Dave Bennett
I have been thinking for a long time about taking up golf but was worried that I had waited too long. Fortunately for me you gave me the confidence to take on the challenge and during the past year I have improved a great deal and I now anxiously await my next golf game. You helped me develop some skills that enable me to go out and play with more experienced players and not feel foolish. I know I have a long way to go but I could not have done it without your guidance and lessons. I hope to continue with more instruction as time permits. Thanks Gary.
— Lynn Armenio
I first saw Gary when confidence in my putting was at an all time low. I was just getting back into playing tournament golf and the anxiety/stress of putting under pressure was wreaking havoc on my stroke. Classic case of nerves. So I was trying different grips, stances, routines, anything to fix what I thought was plaguing my putting. I expected Gary to prescribe a fancy method and point me in a single direction. Instead, Gary took a much more holistic approach to my putting. We just talked and informally putted together until he got a feel for how I performed that part of my game. The lesson became about mindset and not just about the mechanics. Gary knew I had to regain my confidence. In short, it worked and I was able to advance to the match play round in my next tournament. Gary’s coaching and advice was the boost I needed to perform under pressure. His thoughtful and creative style was refreshing and is sure to benefit golfers of all abilities. Thanks Gary!
— Sam Harris
I immediately recognized that Gary’s greatest priority is to cater to the individual with whom he is working. Any pro has the “facts” of golf at his calling. Gary individualizes those “facts” for YOU. He first finds out YOUR goals. He then finds out how YOU want to interact. He then looks at YOUR swing. There is no doubt that each lesson is for YOU. I wish I had been able to recognize the value of this when I started coaching some 30 years ago. Needless to say, I would love to have had the impact on some of those kids that Gary has had with me. The reality… a few tips from him and I instantly saw 20 yards on my driver and my best 9 hole score ever. Take a lesson from him. You will not regret it.
— Steve Nielsen
I used your tip about keeping the left arm in and shot a 75 today, best round in 4 or 5 years!
— Doug Nelson